gbn approach and ethos

Our Approach to Education

We offer a childcare programme that is designed to encompass the child’s interest, imagination and creativity. Within this environment, our skilled and experienced practitioners carefully plan, adult-led play opportunities and activities which are designed to stimulate new learning. These activities offer children the ideal balance of self-initiated play and adult supported learning. Each child has an individual educational plan that actively follows the child’s progress learning, development and growth. Our curriculum has structured themes that are designed for the child to experience a wide variety of topics and activities to strengthen a child’s knowledge, curiosity, interest and progression. We are committed and dedicated to deliver the highest quality early childhood education and care to our children and their families.


Golden Beach Nursery prides itself on the high standards and principles that are set and to be to be found in every aspect of the children’s care that we provide. Children are given the freedom to explore the nursery at their own pace. Focused learning opportunities are planned on a daily basis alongside educational resources that are available to children at all times, allowing them to revisit, extend or adapt their interests and learning as they wish.

learn through Play

Through play, children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments. We identify play with learning that supports children to build their self-confidence, curiosity, and independence, we enable children to think logically, reflect, imagine and emphasize. Play is how children gain new skills, advance their understanding and express their capabilities.